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Next level business sensibility

uniFLOW is a software platform designed to bring the full value of multi-functional devices to the organization. The modular structure of uniFLOW and the tight integration with Canon hardware allows the system to be built depending on the organization's exact requirements.
Output management solution

Print accounting

All printing and copying, together with the associated costs can be tracked and stored. The built in reporting system allows the administrator or finance department to see and control how much each printer and user is costing the company.

Secure printing

Confidential jobs can be held centrally on a print server and are only released when the user authenticates at the device. The user can go to any device in any location with the knowledge that their job will be printed securely. Thus, eliminating environmental and financial waste. Secure printing feature for embedded uniFLOW devices, single function printers and 3rd party devices are also supported now.