Today’s enterprises depend on the cloud, data and software to keep pace with the cost of doing business in a world that is rapidly digitally transforming. However, they are concerned about business critical and sensitive data being stolen by adversaries such as competitors or cyber criminals. In spite of all their investments in perimeter and endpoint security data breaches continue to occur on a weekly basis. When all else fails, data security has become the last line of defense.
That’s why the most respected brands and largest organizations in the world rely on our partner Thales to help them protect and secure access to their most sensitive data at rest in on-premises data centers and in public/private clouds, and data-in-motion across wide-area networks.
At MGR we work with Thales to help enable organizations to migrate to the cloud securely, achieve compliance with confidence, and
create more value from their software in devices and services used by millions of consumers every day.
Thales is the worldwide leader in data protection solutions, providing everything an organization needs to protect and manage its data,
identities and intellectual property with comprehensive data discovery and classification, data encryption, tokenization, advanced key management, authentication and access management.
Whether it’s securing the cloud, digital payments, blockchain or the Internet of Things, security professionals around the globe rely on MGR and Thales to confidently accelerate an organization’s digital transformation. 

Hardware Security Modules

Thales offers the industry leading product family of hardware security modules (HSMs), which are the highest performing, most
secure and easiest to integrate in the market today. They act as trust anchors to protect the master keys that encrypt your data
and digital identities in a high assurance FIPS 140-2 Level 3-certified, tamper-resistant appliance. Thales offers the following
types of purpose-built HSMs:

General Purpose HSM

Luna HSMs come in several form-factors — a network attached appliance, an embedded PCI module, and a portable USB appliance. They can be easily integrated with a wide-range of applications to accelerate general cryptographic operations, secure crypto key life cycles and
act as a root of trust for your entire crypto infrastructure. Crypto Command Center is available to centrally monitor and manage multiple Luna HSM crypto resources onpremises, virtual and hybrid cloud environments.

Thales Luna Network HSM

Secure sensitive data and critical applications by storing, protecting and managing cryptographic keys in Thales Luna Network HSM - high-assurance, tamper-resistant, network-attached appliances offering market leading performance. You can integrate Luna Network HSMs into a wide range of applications to accelerate cryptographic operations, secure the crypto key lifecycle, and provide a root of trust for your entire encryption infrastructure.

  • High-assurance, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated
  • Tamper-resistant network connected HSM appliance
  • Hardware root of trust
  • Hardware backup
  • On-premises solutions
  • Centralized crypto management
  • Multiple form factors

Thales Luna PCIe HSM

Secure sensitive data and critical applications by storing, protecting and managing cryptographic keys in Thales Luna PCIe HSM –high-assurance, tamper-resistant PCIe cards. Provide applications with dedicated access to a purpose-built, high performance cryptographic processor. Quickly embed this cost-efficient solution directly into servers and security appliances for FIPS 140-2 validated assurance.

  • Server-embedded PCIe card
  • High assurance, FIPS 140-2 validated, high performance cryptographic processor
  • Keys always remain in FIPS-validated, tamper-evident hardware
  • Meet compliance needs for GDPR, eIDAS, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and more

Payment HSM

payShield 10K delivers a suite of payment security functionality including transaction processing, sensitive data protection, payment credential issuing, mobile card acceptance and payment tokenization. It is used throughout
the global payment ecosystem by issuers, service providers, acquirers, processors and payment networks. The payShield 10K has PCI HSM v3 and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certifications.

payShield 10K

As markets and digital payment security standards continue to advance, a secure payment infrastructure is crucial to the success of global business. Organizations face many challenges in protecting the rapidly growing volume of digital payments – from transaction processing and country-specific mandates, to card/device issuance and direct-to-mobile (IoT) provisioning. Customers can rely on payShield 10K payment HSM to deliver the protection, performance, and operational efficiency needed to confidently secure digital payments.

  • Protection – Point-to-Point encryption protects payment data and reduces merchant PCI DSS scope
  • Performance – Real time payments and Secure Remote Commerce (SRC). ECC algorithm* supports 3D Secure 2.0, EMV Next Gen, and Software-based PIN entry on COTS device (SPoC)
  • Operational efficiency – Reduce costs and streamline existing operations with lower power consumption, faster firmware updates, and broader cryptographic support