Chiller Treatment Chemical

Nalco 8338

TRAC 109

Boiler Treatment Chemicals

Nalco 780

Nexguard 22325

Nalco 7408

Nalco 22310

Passivation Chemicals

Nalco 71D5 plus

RO & Membrane Treatments

PermaClean PC 77

PremaTreat PC 191 T

PremaClean PC 33

Cooling Tower Treatment

Trasar  3DT226

Trasar 3DT288

Nalco 3935

Nalco 7330

Nalco 7348

Nalco 90001

Nalco 8338

NALCO 8338 is a nitrite-based multifunctional chemical treatment

used for the control of corrosion and fouling in closed cooling

Systems with ultra high heat flux and hot water loops

TRAC 109

NALCO TRAC109 is a liquid, nitrite-based chemical treatment

used for the control of corrosion in closed cooling systems

Nalco 780

NALCO 780 is a traditional catalyzed, nonvolatile,

inorganic oxygen scavenger

Nexguard 22325

NexGuard 22325 is an innovative program that combines the use

of polyphosphate and the most advanced synthetic organic polymer

with new TRASAR technology plus state- of- the- art diagnostic,

moitoring. Feed & control equipments

Nalco 7408

NALCO 7408 is a fast-acting dechlorination agent used to reduce

the levels of residual chlorine in chlorinated water supplies

without increasing objectionable chloramines.

Nalco 22310

NextGuard 22310 is an innovative program that combines

the most advanced boiler internal treatment chemistry

with new TRASAR Technology plus state-of -the -art diagnostic,

monitoring ,feed and control equipment. NextGuard 22310 is designed

for maximum scale inhibition for boilers operationg at or below 600 psig(41 bar)

with feedwater hardness equal or greater than 0.02ppm.

Nalco 71D5 plus

NALCO 71D5 PLUS is a multipurpose hydrocarbon-based antifoam

for use in industrial waste treatment, cooling tower, and process applications.

NALCO 71D5 PLUS offers a stabilization package to lower the cloud point,

improve stability at lower temperatures, and provide better freeze-thaw

recovery. NALCO 71D5 PLUS is effective over a broad pH range and

rapidly reduces foam.

PC 77

PermaClean® PC-77 is a membrane cleaner specifically designed

to remove iron fouling. It also is effective against

light calcium carbonate scaling

PC 191 T

PermaTreat PC-191T is a highly effective scale inhibitor whose

active components were developed to treat

reverse osmosis (RO) systems.

PC 33

PermaClean® PC-33 is a membrane cleaner developed to support

the cleaning of acid-insoluble sulfates of cacium, barium & strontium

as well as calcium fluoride


3D TRASAR 3DT226 is a multifunctional blend of scale and

corrosion inhibitors for use in cooling systems,

in soft water areas


3DT288 is a balanced blend of corrosion and scale inhibitors

designed for use in open recirculating water systems

Nalco 3935

NALCO 3935 is a competitively priced alternative to

gaseous chlorine, intended for use in recirculating and

once-through water system.

Nalco 7330

NALCO 7330 is a broad-spectrum, nonoxidizing biocide approved

for use in recirculating cooling towers, closed loop, cooling syatem,

air washers & brewery pasteurizers

Nalco 7348

NALSPERSE 7348 is a non-ionic surfactant/dispersant

for removing and dispersing microbiological slime deposits.

As a surfactant, NALSPERSE 7348 improves the effectiveness of

biocide penetration into the slime. As a dispersant,

NALSPERSE 7348 dislodges microorganisms from surfaces where,

in the bulk water, they are more readily controlled with biocides.

Nalco 90001

NALCO 90001 is a non-oxidizing quaternarya ammonium biocide

effective for controlling algae and bacteria

in recirculating cooling tower systems, such as encountered

within industrial and commercial building applications