ATMeye.iQ system

АТМеуе.iQ is a comprehensive solution that provides additional safety and security for self-service devices that helps to protect against any type of criminal actions. The solution includes a video surveillance system and special sensors detecting any suspicious events and preventing fraud activities, theft or other type of attacks against self-service devices (SSD).

Moreover, АТМеуе.iQ helps with a quick resolution of possible disputes with clients and immediately notifies responsible employees of the bank staff about emerging problems.

ATMeye.iQ protects more than 70,000 self-service devices in 80 countries. The system is fully compatible and can be installed at SSDs manufactured by Diebold Nixdorf (including legacy Diebold and legacy Wincor Nixdorf) and others ATMs. The system meets requirements of PCI PA-DSS and was awarded with many prizes like ATMIA “Best ATM Security Technology” and “Product of the Year” in Lithuania.

АТМеуе.iQ functions and features

Photo and video

  • Event-based snapshotting and video capturing.
    The system takes photo snapshots and captures video of all actions performed by a client at a
    self-service device. It allows building a detailed report of all events of any transaction.
  • Snapshotting and video capturing on the sensor triggered events.
    The system takes photo snapshots and captures video when sensor triggers an event. It allows
    building a detailed report for all alarm events.
  • Pre-record and post-record features.
    Possibilities to take photo snapshots and capture video before and after a particular event, either
    transactional or sensor triggered, that helps to restore overall situation with more details.
  • Live video on demand.
    An opportunity to get instant access to streaming video and camera images from a particular self
    -service device.
  • Camera status check.
    On demand check of the status and setup configuration of SSD’s cameras can be performed with
    multiple snapshots function.
  • Support of different types of cameras.
    The system supports up to 4 internal USB or analog cameras and up to 12 external IP cameras. It
    allows capturing photo and video streams of all events happening at the zone of card reader, cash
    dispenser and safe-box, client’s face and outside area of SSD.
  • Camera operating modes’ setup.
    Cameras setting parameters can be switch from day to night mode according to the predefined
    schedule. It allows getting high quality images all day round in different outside conditions.

Sensors Alerts and Notifications

  • Broad range of supported sensors for threats’ detection.
    Different type of sensors (shock, vibration, tilt, and smoke ortemperature detectors) as well as
    special anti-fraud devices can be mounted inside the SSD and connected to the ATMeye.iQ system
    in order to prevent fraudulent activities and possible crime or vandalism actions.
  • Real-time monitoring of alarms.
    Responsible security officers are able to get immediate notifications (alarms) on sensor’s
    triggered events.
  • Covered camera alarm.
    In case of camera coverage or disconnection, responsible bank employees will automatically get
    alarm notifications on this event to be able to prevent any possible consequences.
  • Mobile notifications.
    Emergency messages about any abnormal situations can be sent in real-time to mobile devices
    via the Mobile ATMeye.iQ application.

Remote system management

  • Camera remote configuration.
    The system allows configuring cameras remotely, choosing the best operation mode (day or
    night), setting brightness, contrast and other parameters.
  • Encryption and data security.
    All data transfers in the system run using encrypted protocol through the protected
    communication channel.
  • Centralized file management.
    The integration with RFM.iQ allows the system to transfer files (photos, videos, logs, software
    updates) between remote self-service devices, administrator workstation and collection server.
  • Remote software updates.
    Software updates is done remotely and centrally for the whole SSD network without the need to
    physically come to the SDD.
  • Task scheduling.
    The system allows transferring data and archiving photos, videos and logs according to the
    redefined schedules or preset algorithms.


  • One common interface for all events.
    The system gathers all information from the whole fleet of SSD and presents it in an intuitive way
    on a single screen, allowing you to get a complete picture of the operation of the entire system.
  • Proactive notifications system.
    Event notifications are sent to the responsible staff through various delivery channels thus
    avoiding routine scanning of the incoming events stream and reducing the reaction time.
  • Easy search capabilities.
    A system operator is able to find a particular SSD using the device tree sort and look up
    capabilities in an easy way. An exact self-service device can be find by branch, city, region and
    other parameters.
  • Particular transaction search
    The search is possible based on the card number, type of event, date of transaction and other
  • SSD status check.
    A system operator receives information about current operating status of all self-service devices in
    the network. It allows him to react faster in case of technical problems.
  • Card capture or service denial.
    A blacklisted bank card might be captured by a self-service device if needed. Responsible staff will
    be notified about such an event by an instant message.
  • Masking the bank card number.
    Key card information (card number) is masked in ATMeye.iQ system, ensuring the complete safety
    of the client’s personal data.